On the outskirts of the Indian city of Jaipur, surrounded by the Nahargarh hills, lies the 300-acre Mansagar Lake. Formed sometime during the 18th century, this manmade lake is about 130 hectares in its total spread.

Jal Mahal, an ancient architectural monument, is situated in the midst of Mansagar Lake. Over the years, as the city expanded, thousands of tonnes of urban sewage recklessly flowed into the lake, and contaminated it. The rainwater mingled with the polluted water of the lake and created a stench. Read More


Lake environment improvement involving:
  • Construction of a diversion drain connecting Brahmapuri Nalla and Nagatalai Nalla
  • Renovation and modification of North Zone Sewage Treatment Plant (STP)
  • Setting up of Territory Treatment Plant for Territory Wet Land Treatment
  • Construction of a Settling Tank from Amber
  • Check Dam on North East Side of the lake
  • Setting up of an effluent treatment plant
  • In-situ bio-remediation process of lake water
  • Desilting of lake bed
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