Mansagar Lake Restoration Highlights

Restoration of the lake to its former glory was not easy as untreated sewage from Jaipur city continued to flow from two nearby nallahs directly into the lake. The lake environment improvement project involved inspired collaborations by American landscapers, Indian lighting designers and the living memories of elderly local artists. Some of these efforts included;
  • Construction of a diversion drain connecting Brahmapuri Nalla and Nagatalai Nalla
  • Renovation and modification of North Zone Sewage Treatment Plant (STP)
  • Setting up of Territory Treatment Plant for Territory Wet Land Treatment
  • Construction of a Settling Tank from Amber
  • Check Dam on North East Side of the lake
  • Setting up of an effluent treatment plant
  • In-situ bio-remediation process of lake water
  • Desilting of lake bed